The Swiss Foundation for Radio and Culture SRKS/FSRC, headquartered in Bern, regards itself as a patron and mediator of radio creativity in all parts of the country, both for private as well as public broadcasters. It provides financial support upon application.

What can be funded are programmes, productions, competitions, cultural events, projects as well as events that promote vocational training in cultural professions in the field of radio broadcasting.

Basically, no tight restrictions are placed on the creativity of potential applicants; the precondition for supporting a project, however, is its direct relation to radio and culture in Switzerland.

With its activities, the foundation wishes to make a contribution towards developing and opening up the medium of radio, boosting the variety of cultural forms of expression in the field of radio broadcasting and making their mark in the multi-media environment.

The foundation board is comprised of seven members, with the executive director being responsible for day-to-day business. The Swiss Foundation for Radio and Culture SRKS/FSRC has charitable status and is a non-profit organisation. It is independent of any political, religious and business organisations.

Applications will be accepted in German, French, Italian or Rhaeto-Romance.

Please contact our administrative office for further information.